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Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto, roast baguette95 CZK
Goat cheese croquette, cured beetroot, pine nuts115 CZK
Carpaccio of beef sirloin, basil pesto, Parmesan, roast baguette178 CZK
Thai style prawns, garlic, white wine, roast baguette182 CZK
Grilled prunes with bacon, Dijon mustard, roast baguette105 CZK


Beef broth with vegetable and liver dumplings60 CZK
Dill soup with cream, potatoes and poached egg65 CZK

Main courses

Beef steak, green pepper, chips399 CZK
Sirloin Wok style, roast vegetables, bamboo shoots, jasmine rice283 CZK
Roast pork loin, Chanterelles sauce, slices of roast potatoes268 CZK
Pork chops, green beans, onion sauce, slices of roast potatoes255 CZK
Corn-fed chicken supreme, teriyaki vegetables248 CZK
Grilled salmon, ratatouille vegetables315 CZK
Back of rabbit with garlic, spinach, potato dumplings235 CZK
Beef tartare, pan-fried bread265 CZK
Fresh tagliatelle with courgette, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan170 CZK
Mixed greens with grilled goat cheese, baked apples182 CZK

Czech cuisine

Pork loin schnitzel, mashed potatoes185 CZK
Traditional sirloin with cream sauce, cranberries and dumplings165 CZK


Caesar salad, garlic croutons, parmesan110 CZK
/+100 g grilled chicken breast/55 CZK
Mixed greens with beetroot, grilled salmon, sour cream, herbs butter baguette198 CZK
Mixed greens with beetroot, grilled chicken breast, honey mustard dressing, baguette with herb butter165 CZK
Greek style salad, feta style cheese, olives65 CZK
Cucumber dill salad, sour cream65 CZK

Children´s menu

Grilled chicken breast, jasmine rice95 CZK
Chicken schnitzel, chips95 CZK
Traditional sirloin with cream sauce, dumplings95 CZK

Side dishes

Chips50 CZK
Potatoes Grenaille50 CZK
Potato crisps50 CZK
Roast baguette with garlic/herb butter40 CZK


Homemade strudel, whipped cream60 CZK
Chocolate fondant, pistachio ice cream, salted caramel110 CZK
Panna cotta with wild berries sauce60 CZK
White chocolate mousse85 CZK
Ice cream scoop20 CZK
  • Restaurace ''Zlaté časy'' Poděbrady
  • Restaurace ''Zlaté časy'' Poděbrady
  • Restaurace ''Zlaté časy'' Poděbrady
  • Restaurace ''Zlaté časy'' Poděbrady
  • Restaurace ''Zlaté časy'' Poděbrady