Hotel GOLFI Poděbrady - historické foto

The history of our hotel goes back into the years of so called First Republic and goes hand in hand with the development of the spa industry in our town.

The original hotel, bearing the name Hotel Sport, was built up in 1934 by a well-known Poděbrady businessman František Pek, whose domains were building and sand mining. At that time sand was mined from the Labe river in the place of the present buffet „At the Robber´s” just opposite our hotel. The hotel was opened mostly for the summer season and was popular as it was both close to the then centre and the then swimming place by the Labe river. The hotel was designed by the architect František Pek himself.

During the World War II the German Hitlerjugend children stayed here. When František Pek died, his son Václav Pek became the new owner of the hotel. Later he was imprisoned in the concentration camp of Dachau, but after the liberation of the camp he died of typhus epidemy. After the World War II the other son František Pek junior, the then director of the Poděbrady Saving Bank, takes it over. In 1949 the hotel was nationalized by the Ministry of Health and used as a hostel of the secondary agricultural school. In 1991 the property was returned to the original owners and soon the hotel, named the Golfi Hotel, was picking up its famous tradition.

The well-known slogan is saying: The best for your heart is Poděbrady Spa and we will be pleased if our hotel finds its way to your heart.