Steam box

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Steam box with aromapherapy - perfect relax...

Steam sauna evidently influences the human organism. It heals many physical diseases, helps to get rid of stress and starts the feeling of inner relaxation.

When to use the steam sauna:

  • for relaxation, to ease your muscles and joints
  • to remove stress
  • it is an excellent media for overweight reduction and liquidate cellulitis
  • it improves blood circulation
  • clears the breathing ways
  • treats the skin diseases (eczema, acne)
  • for asthma treatment and its prevention
  • it supports the treatment of rheumatism In the steam sauna the temperature is set for 40 ºC with humidity round 80 - 100 %. It is suitable (after the medical consultation) even to people who cannot afford for health reasons to enjoy the classical sauna. Wardrobes and slippers will be provided in the reception.