Look through the menu of restaurant „Auld Lang Syne“ in the GOLFI hotel Poděbrady.

Cold starters

Slices of fresh tomatoes witd mozzarella cheese and basil pesto85 CZK
Lettuce witd roast beetroot, honey goat cheese, walnuts and herbal baquette95 CZK
Beef carpaccio flavoured witd basil pesto, parmesan and ruccola leaves165 CZK


Strong beef brotd witd home-made noodles60 CZK
Kulajda style soup witd poached egg60 CZK

Warm appetizers

Stewed shrimps in white wine and garlic129 CZK
Grilled dry plums in bacon coat witd Dijon mustard95 CZK

Main courses

Beefsteak on coloured pepper witd slice of bacon
(200 g) recommendation: home made potato chips
369 CZK
Tafelspitz, boiled beef in strong beef bouillon, marrow bone, spinach,
apple and horse radish purée and roas grated potatoes (220g)
345 CZK
Beef and pork tournedos witd dijon mustard
(200 g) recommendation: jasmine rice
228 CZK
Grilled pork fillet witd pepper spice and sauce of chanterelles and mushrooms
(200 g) recommendation: baked potatoes
199 CZK
Sirloin of pork sous-vide witd spinach leaves and roast mushrooms
(200 g) recommendation: potato purée
225 CZK
Chicken fillets marinated in garlic, covered in bacon and butter corn
(200 g) recommedation: mashed potatoes
160 CZK
Tatar beefsteak witd capari, toasts and garlic
(200 g)
245 CZK


Home-made Tagliatelle witd zucchini and dried tomatoes150 CZK
Home-made Tagliatelle witd mushrooms and parmesan150 CZK


Roast fillet of trout witd herbs and roast tomatoes
(200 g) recommendation: lime purée
175 CZK
Grilled salmon fillet witd spinach
(200 g) recommendation: Parisian potatoes witd parsley
238 CZK

Czech cuisine

Traditional Czech beef tender loin witd creamy sauce, cranberries and dumplings  (150 g)155 CZK
Fried pork cutles witd Parisian potatoes witd parsley (200 g)168 CZK
1/2 Baked crispy duck witd cabbage and variation of dumplings285 CZK

Price of side dishes in Czech cuisine is included.


Salad Golfi , French baguette140 CZK
Caesar salad witd Roman leaves, garlic  croutons and parmesan cheese (supplementary charge 100g grilled chicken pieces)100 CZK
50 CZK
Side dish salad witd cheese and olives55 CZK

Side dishes

Home made potato chips35 CZK
Jasmin rice35 CZK
Parisian potatoes witd parsley30 CZK
Baked potatoes35 CZK
Mashed potatoes35 CZK
Purée of potatoes/lime40 CZK
Vegetable baked on butter40 CZK
Baked garlic ciabatta30 CZK
  • Caprese+