Coffee time

Coffee time

Taste our new desserts and enjoy our open terrace!

Coffee LAVAZZA - 7 g

Coffee espresso witd milk40 CZK
Coffee Latte50 CZK
Cappuccino45 CZK
Wiener coffee50 CZK
Algerian coffee55 CZK
Irish coffee70 CZK
Turkish coffee35 CZK
Decaffeinated coffee40 CZK
Ice coffee witd ice cream47 CZK

Otder Hot Drinks

Tea Harney & Son40 CZK
Hot wine50 CZK
Grog, punch40 CZK

Soft Drinks

Mattoni GRAND (sparkling or fine sparkling water) (0,33 l)30 CZK
Aquila (still water) (0,33 l)30 CZK
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light (0,33 l)35 CZK
Fanta (0,33 l)35 CZK
Sprite (0,33 l)35 CZK
Schweppes (tonic water, ginger alle) (0,25 l)35 CZK
Granninni (according to daily offer) (0,20 l)30 CZK
Fresh orange juice (0,15 l)70 CZK
Still water witd lemon  1l40 CZK
Red Bull (0,25 l)60 CZK
Kofola - Czech non-alcoholic drink, draught (0,30 l )21 CZK
Kofola - Czech non-alcoholic drink, draught (0,40 l)28 CZK


Campari (5 cl)55 CZK
Sanderman Porto Ruby (5 cl)55 CZK
Martini extra dry (1 dcl)55 CZK
Martiny bianco, rosso (1 dcl)55 CZK
Monin Bitter - non-alcoholic appetizer (5 cl)55 CZK
Aperol Spritz (2 dcl)95 CZK
Prosecco frizzante (1,5 dcl)50 CZK


Pilsner Urquell 12° draught (0,3 l)27 CZK
Pilsner Urquell 12° draught (0,5 l)45 CZK
Kozel černý 10° (bock beer) - bottled (0,5 l)40 CZK
Maisel´s Weisse - yeast-wheat beer /larger, porter, non-alcoholic - bottled) (0,5 l)50 CZK
Radegast birell/Lobkowicz - non alcoholic, bottled (0,5 l)40 CZK

Digestives - 4cl

Baileys60 CZK
Jägermaister50 CZK
Russian standart Platinum60 CZK
Gin Beefeater50 CZK
Tequila gold - Olmeca90 CZK
Tequila silver - Olmeca90 CZK
Rum of Czech production35 CZK
Fernet Stock40 CZK
Fernet Stock citrus40 CZK
Becherovka - Czech herbal liqueur40 CZK
Slivovice Jelínek - Czech liqueur40 CZK
Hruškovice - Czech liqueur40 CZK
Mint liqueur35 CZK
Havana rum /white/55 CZK
Captain morgan spiced55 CZK
Captain morgan black55 CZK
Ron Zacapa140 CZK
Gosling´s Family Reserva Rum195 CZK
Ron de Jeremy XO95 CZK
Diplomatico Reserva exclusiva95 CZK
Relicario95 CZK
Conde de Cuba Elixír del Caribe70 CZK
Jameson60 CZK
Tullamore60 CZK
Martell V.S.95 CZK
Martell V.S.O.P.180 CZK
Hennessy FINE de Cognac135 CZK


Grilled orange witd ice cream, sesame and griliash68 CZK
Granny´s apple roll45 CZK
Pancake witd cotage cheese and seasonal fruit60 CZK
Cottage cheese mini dumplings witd flambé prunes75 CZK
Panna cotta witd forest fruit55 CZK