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Rezervovat pokoj

Od středy 4.10.2017 pro Vás servírujeme podzimní menu.

Grilled Haloumi cheese with roasted pepper and ruccola95 Kč
Club sandwich with egg, chicken breast and bacon, french fries153 Kč

Grilled chicken roll stuffed with leek and sausage and lime chilli rice

162 Kč

Medallions of veal in sage, sugar peas, gratin thyme potatoes

205 Kč


Slices of mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, ruccola and basil pesto85 Kč

Lettuce with roast beetroot, honey goat cheese, walnuts and herbal baguette

95 Kč
Carpaccio from sirloin of beef with basil pesto, parmesan and ruccola leaves165 Kč


Extra strong broth from beef tail with liver dumplings60 Kč
Kulajda style soup with poached egg60 Kč


Shrimps in garlic and white wine129 Kč
Grilled dried prunes in bacon with Dijon mustard95 Kč


Beefsteak from young Milovice bull in rose pepper with a slice of bacon,

and zucchin,  we recommend chips.

369 Kč
Roll of turkey filled with herbal shepherd cheese, dried tomatoes, we recommend purée of peas.152 Kč
Sirloin of beef and pork with Dijon mustard, we recommend jasmine rice.228 Kč
Rabbit saddle sous – vide, kohlrab, we recommend herbal gnocchi.165 Kč
Grilled sirloin of pork with pepper and mushroom sauc, we recommend chips199 Kč

Marinated steak of pork tenderloin in estragon roasted with onion chutney

and demiglace, we recommend mashed potatoes with butter and parsley.

175 Kč
breast stuffed with herbal and steamed leek in white wine and tomatoes, we recommend potato purée.145 Kč
Fresh Tagliatelle with tender loin, tomatoes, ruccola and parmesan178 Kč
Tartar beefsteak with capers, toasts and garlic245 Kč


Roast eggplant stuffed with goat cheese and tomato coulis, herbal baguette145 Kč

Fresh Tagliatelle with mushrooms and parmesan with zucchini, dried tomatoes, ruccola and parmesan

150 Kč


Roast fillet of trout with herbs, we recommend lime purée.175 Kč
Grilled fillet of salmon with asparagus and cherry tomatoes, we recommend roast potatoes grenaille style.238 Kč


Traditional sirloin of beef with cranberries and roll dumplings155 Kč
Fried schnitzel from sirloin of pork with mashed potatoes, butter and parsley168 Kč
1 piece Roast leg of duck with sauerkraut, bread and potato dumplings195 Kč


GOLFI salad with mix of lettuces, beetroot and honey-mustard dressing with chicken breast and herbal baguette

140 Kč

GOLFI salad with mix of lettuces, beetroot and honey-mustard dressing with roastbeef and herbal baguette

153 Kč
Mix of lettuces, beetroot, pieces of salmon, yoghurt dip and herbal baguette153 Kč

Caesar salad from lettuce with garlic croutons and parmesan

extra charge for 100 g of roasted breast

100 Kč

50 Kč

Mixture of lettuces with Balkan style cheese and olives

55 Kč


Chips40 Kč
Jasmin rise35 Kč
Roast potatoes grenaille style40 Kč
Mashed potatoes with butter and parsley38 Kč
Herbal gnocchi45 Kč
Potato/ lime/ purée of peas40 Kč
Vegetables roasted in butter45 Kč
Herbal baguette30 Kč


Grandma´s style apple strudel45 Kč
Pancake with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and walnuts60 Kč
Panna cotta with forest wild fruits55 Kč
Chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream85 Kč
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