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Let us introduce our wellness team:

Bc. Ivana JelínkováMgr. Ivana Jelínková - physioterapeut
„Having visited our wellness you will feel calm, standing firmly on the ground, though, shining like a star up in the sky.“
paní Sokun z KambodžeMrs. Sokun from Cambodia
Love * Happiness * Success * Health

WELLNESS Price list


30 minutes/max 4 person/250 CZK
60 minutes/max 4 person/400 CZK

Hawaii lava stones massage

  • the massage goes from a Hawaii tradition called Lomi Lomi. It focuses on muscles warming, muscles rubbing and their relaxation, easement of energetic blocks and up-heating of energy
  • special lava stones with  the temperature of 45-65°C are used for the massage. The stones perfectly accumulate heat and they have very strong energetic vibration, which is used to unblock important meridian points and to heat up body energy


  • releases stress, tenseness and relaxes the entire body and mind
  • has effect on tired, aching muscles, joints, back, neck part of backbone, rheumatism, cramps, stress, sleeplessness, headaches
  • stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system
  • quickens tissue regeneration
  • quickens metabolism and it may even start lose-weight process
30 minutesback/neck320 CZK
60 minuteswhole body550 CZK

Sport and reconditioning massage

  • aids fast regeneration after a hard day (intensive training), gathers blood and lymphatic system circulation and followingly assists downwash fatigue material (metabolist), induces general mental relaxation
  • recommended to all clients
30 minutesback/neck/head320 CZK
60 minutesback/neck/head/palms/soles/relaxing exercises550 CZK

Reflective massage

  • gentle contacts lead to reflective changes on the skin, muscles and bone periosteum
  • recommended to more sensitive clients who cannot have sport massage
30 minutesback/neck320 CZK

Bulb reflective massage

  • bulbs are purposeful addition to the classical massage, after taking them away the following hemorrhage (haemal spot) contains tissular fluids, this massage has deep local impact, well perfuses body organs and carries the body liquids of
  • recommended to all clients
30 minutesback/neck320 CZK

Foot reflexology

  • presumes that there are many nerve endings on the feet, which are pressed with less or more intensity, as the feet depict all the human body, it works in the therapeutic as well preventive ways
  • recommended to all clients
30 minutessoles320 CZK

Chinese press massage

  • uses acupunctur tracks and points and stimulates energy in meridians, i.e. body organ tracks
  • Massage is suitable to those clients who do not mind where some more sensitive points are pressed. The strength used for this massage leads to relieving. It is intesive, stimulating and starts self-cleaning regime in the body.
  • Head massage - it prevents total fatigue, sleeplessness, headache, cold, earache, eye strains and toothache.
  • Neck massage -stimulates stamina, blood vessel system, psyche. It prevens depressions, sleeplessness, headache and shoulder pains.
  • Back massage - stimulates breathing, digestion and excretion, immune system, overall regeneration of the organism release. It prevents backache, digestion and excretion difficulties, diarrhea, constipation, etc.
  • Pelvic girdle massage - releases stiffness and pains in the pelvic area. It stimulates excretion and genitalia. It prevents constipation, diarrhea, sciatica, gynecological difficulties and hemorrhoids, etc.
  • Leg massage – is used to prevent difficulties of motoric system, digestion and excretion, allergies, skin problems, headache, toothache, sciatica, hemorrhoids.
  • Hand massage- stimulates breathing, heart rhythm and blood vessel system. It may be used to stop coughing and breathing difficulties, constipation and diarrhea problems, sore throat, toothache, point strains, skin diseases. It releases synostosis of hands.
  • All-the-body massage – focuses on complete encouragement and harmony of organism with exquisite elements from other massages.
30 minuteshead + neck320 CZK
60 minutesback + neck550 CZK
60 minutesback + pelvic girdle550 CZK
90 minutesoverall massage
(back, neck, arms + legs, face + head)
750 CZK


Is a pleasant releasing and relaxing massage, for which best quality etheric oils are used. Who wouldn´t like to be pampered by the aromatic massage of the whole body or the back at least ? Healing touches make miracles. Etheric oil during the massage penetrates into organism, where it acts positively and supports the effect of the gentle massage.

30 minutesface/low neck320 CZK
60 minutesoverall massage550 CZK


Is ancient Japanese relaxation technique. It relaxes and brings phase of physical and mental well-being. With streching, pressure or touch brings energy in motion in acupuncture trails and recovers the energetic body balance. Therapy takes place in comfortable clothing on special, so called natural futon mattress.

60 minutesoverall massage750 CZK


Hand massage connected with stimulation of hand acupuncture points. The purpose of manupresura method is to relax afflicted acupuncture trail and release the flow of life energy.

30 minuteshands250 CZK

Hot oil massage

The heat and pressure during massage remove mental and physical blocks, pain of locomotor system, headache and sleep disorders.

30 minutesback/neck320 CZK
60 minutesoverall massage550 CZK

Luxurious body rituals

ALONA ritual

Let carry away from the coconut aromas … The first step of this wrap is gentle natural coconut peeling of the whole body, then come down the coconut flakes on you,  which are gently rubbed into your skin with a special silk glove. Subsequently proceeds relaxing massage with a natural coconut oil.

90 minutes  1.200 CZK

Bodywrap with diamonds, amber and hematite
This luxurious body wrap is linked to a gentle massage of the body.

90 minutes  1.200 CZK

Bodydetox wrap
This wrap strongly contributes to the elimination of stagnation of fluids. The combination of sea and natural substances is  suitable for slimming and anti-water retention.

90 minutes  1.200 CZK

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