Golf tournament 2007 - Hotel Golfi Podebrady, accommodation, restaurant, massages, golf, wellness, spa

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Golf tournament 2007

September 2007.

On September 1st, 2007 the hotel Golfi Poděbrady held his first golf tournament in history, the HOTEL GOLFI CUP. We would like to thank this way to all our business partners for their cooperation. In other words, we don´t give bribes,  we don´t send kitshy gifts to our clients, we just invited them on informal sport afternoon, so that we had a possibility meet them in shorts and T-shirts and discussed about something different than is business. For golf players we prepared golf tournament on course in Poděbrady. For future "golf newcomers" there was a plan of golf academy where they had possibility to got in secrets of golf sport. Accompanying  program was held concurrently at the hotel Golfi, which included China press massages performed by Mr. Vosecký, manicure, make-up and cosmetics, which was arranged by new beauty salon the eGGo.